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Activated Story Theatre


Activated Story Theatre – for 24 years they have toured the nation presenting high energy, hilarious – but faithful interpretations of multi-cultural folktales that stimulate the imagination, reinforce positive values and build cultural awareness while tickling the funny bone. They are dramatized with physical comedy, imaginative props, costumes, sign language, music and audience participation. The 2014-2015 stories offers are :  
   The Dragon of Krakow - This is a beloved Polish folk tale. The City of Krakow, back in the days when it was just a village, is being besieged by a ruthless dragon, and the villagers are powerless to stop it. Or are they? The shoemaker’s apprentice may have a solution by being very creative with the materials he has on hand. Yes, you will see the dragon.
   Red Riding Hood – Everyboy know this classic story that originated in France and was popularized by the Brothers Grimm; its popularity may have contributed to the unsavory reputation that wolves have had. Their wolf is a willy rascal, an example of the classic trickster character.  Red saves herself with her own resourcefulness, rather than relying on the
   Something From Nothing - a poetic tale from Eastern Europe about the importance of tradition, heritage and family ties. A retired tailor makes a blanket for his granddaughter from fabric that his grandmother had made. When she wears out the blanket, he turns it into something else and something else and so on.
   The Boy Who Wanted A Drum - This story from India tells of a poor boy who dreams of owning a drum and being a musician, but his mother can give him nothing more than a piece of wood. When he encounters a woman who needs such a piece of wood he gives it to her and it beings a series of exchanges in which he helps other people obtain what they want, which ultimately leads him to what he wants.   


Cost for 2 performances - $795

School support cost - $400

Classroom workshops offered after performance – School cost - $54 

Check their website at


Adam Miller

Storyteller folk singer and autoharp virtuoso

Adam Miller - Storyteller,folk singer & autoharp virtuoso - For over two decades, award-winning folksinger & autoharp virtuoso Adam Miller has captured the imagination of students across the United Stats with his highly entertaining, multi-cultural Singing Through History! Folk music. All programs are designed to encourage group singing and inter-activity and are tailored to be age-appropriate for any combination of grades.. Select from:

Just for Fun Sing-A-Long Songs (grds K-4) Folk songs with easy choruses, musical games and story-songs with an emphasis on having fun & singing together.

Going to the West - (Grds 4-12) - Folk songs of the the westward migration in the United States: the Oregon Trail, the Pioneers, the Indians, and opening of the West. .

Cowboy Songs & Ballads - (Grds 4-12-) An introduction to Western folk songs: the music of real hard-working American cowboys, and the images and legends that have evolved about The West.

Colonial Days - (Grds 4-12) - A musical exploration of life in the English and Dutch colonies in North America - broadsides, ballads, and sing-along folksongs from the days before the American Revolution. .

Songs of the American Labor Movement - (Grds 4-12) The American Labor Movement was a singing movement. This program features folksongs by and about the people who built America, and their struggles to improve the conditions of their labor.

Whaling & Sailing Songs - (Grds 3-12) - 200 years about every lamp that burned was filled with oil made from the carcass of a great whale. Authentic 18 th and 19th century shanties and saltwater sailor's songs from the days of Moby Dick.

The Great American Railroad - Grds 3-12) 100 years ago there were over 250,000 miles of parallel steel rails criss-crossing the USA and one out of every 28 Americans worked for the railroad! No wonder people still sing so many folksongs about trains, hoboes, conductors, engineers, and the days of the steam engine.

Woody Guthrie: American Balladeer (Grds 2-12) In his short life, Woody Guthrie wrote over 1,000 American folksongs - and he didn't use an original melody for any of them! The story of the man who wrote "This Land Is Your Land" one of the most well-known English language folksongs.

Folksongs Lincoln Loved - (Grds 4-12) Favorites from the time of the Civil War, including favorites of President Lincoln: abolitionist anthems, soldier's ditties, campaign songs and folksongs from the 1840's Illinois lawyer's circuit.

The Gold Rush - (grds 4-12) The discovery of gold in California, South Dakota, and Alaska sparked a frenzy that shook the world. People swarmed to the gold fields from as far as China and Australia. Their folksongs give insight into their actual hardships and triumphs

Songs to Grow On - (Grds K-4) Fun, simple and silly sing-along folksongs with lots of hand movements for small children with big imaginations.

Cost for 2 performances - $895
School Support Cost - $450

Check his website at


Awele Makeba

Teller of All Tales

Awele Makeba - Teller of All Tales - Awele is an internationally acclaimed actor, emerging playwright, storyteller & educator. She does not merely tell a tale with words. She sings, dances, gestures through her movement and transports her listeners to a time in history when African Americans where struggling for equality. One of the foremost storytellers, Awele has performed all across the United States as well as Canada, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, France and South Africa. Programs include:

Breaking the Chains: Slavery, Resistance & The Underground Railroad (Grds 8-11)

Oral histories that chronicle slaves' and abolitionists' bravery, endurance and resilience in their struggle for freedom.

The Days When the Animals Talked: (Grades K-4) Fables, Myths, Tall Tales & Tricksters

I'm not Getting Off Until Jim Crow Gets Off: Teens & Women Activists in the Montgomery Bus Boycott Four oral histories presented through a talking timeline that explores the Montgomery Bus Boycott and its significance in the advancing democracy in the United States

Readin' & Writin': Literacy Changed My Life: ( Grades 5-8 & 9-12) Historical African American narratives from slavery to contemporary times that illuminate the importance of reading the word and understanding the world to shape one's destiny

Standing UP for Want's Right (Different stories for Grade 3-5, 6-8 & 9-12)

Young people who shaped history

Trailblazers: African Americans in the California Goldrush (Grades 4-8)

Meet James Beckworth, fur trader and trader; Sylvia Stark, former slave and teen pioneer; Mifflin Gibbs, abolitionist and co-organizer of the Colored Conventions in 1855, 1856 & 1857; and Biddy Mason who was born into slavery, emancipated in 1856 in California & became the wealthiest woman in CA by the end of the century.

Cost for 2 performances - $750

School Support Cost -      $375 

Check her website


AXIS Dance Company


AXIS Dance Company - Dancers with and without disabilities perform innovative choreography

that demonstrates how people with differences can work together. Includes interactive

participation by students, plus candid discussion and Q&A with AXIS dancers. Min. space 20x20

Needs to be wheel chair accessible.

Cost for 2 performances - $800

School Support Cost - $400

Check their website at


Bal du Kor


Bal du Kor - a dynamic an captivating trio with one foot in West Africa and the other in an array of improvised traditions including jazz and Middle-Eastern music. The emotional range of the music runs the gamut - from sweet, almost melancholic to exuberant and evocative of the savannas of West-Africa. "Bal du Kor" is a compelling hybrid of traditional West-African melodies and rhythms with original improvised parts - like no other group in the country!

Students can experience engaging demonstrations and descriptions of such indigenous West-African instruments as: balafon Imarimba), dun-dun (talking drum) kora (21-string harp) , djembe (lead drum) djun-djuns (foundation drums), shekere (beaded gourd), udu (large clay pot) & bronze bells & wood shakers - as well as European instruments such as the: alto flute (lower pitched silver flute), ukulele (4-stringed folk instrument), melodica (small keyboard harmonica,& vocals (tradition plus vocal percussion & vocal bass).

Cost for 2 performances - $650 *

School Support Cost - $325*

Visit their website at


Banana Slug String Band


Banana Slug String Band - is a pair of lovable musicians (alias Doug Dirt & Airy Larry), songwriters & educators who blend music, theater, puppetry & audience participation to create a lively learning environment. Their music includes more than 100 original songs ranging from rock to reggae, folk to funk. A common lyrical thread runs throughout their music - the value of taking care of the earth. Program themes are:

Living With the Earth - a discovery of the important relationship between animals, plants & the earth.

The Awesome Ocean - based on the Slugs' award winning tape, "Slugs at Sea" it focuses on the habitats of the West Coast.

A Penguin Parade - from feathers to furs and scales to skin, this journey into the world of ecology raises awareness about the diversity of animals and their habitats.

The Three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - empowers children to make earth-friendly choices.

Singing In Our Garden - a wildly interactive program focuses on garden and plant science songs. Do the decomposition break-down blues, meet the Plantman (a real super-hero), Ms. Dirt, and boogie down to the 6 Plant Parts dance.

Cost of 2 performances - $895

School Support Cost - $450

Check their website at


Bellavente Woodwind Quintet


Bellavente Woodwind Quintet - has 2 very popular programs for schools:

Meet The Band - A demonstration of the instruments with musical examples

The 4 Elements of Music - The Composer, The Conductor, The Musician & The Audience. There is musical demonstrations of each element

Cost for 2 performances - $ 850 *

School Support Cost - $ 425 *

Check their website


Benny & Bebes Magic Circus


Benny & Bebe's Magic Circus - interactive shows with a European flair, utilizing story telling, comedy magic and storytelling. Six shows to choose from:

The Amazing Science Wiz Show - this enchanting, interactive program explores laws of physics, earth science, green environmental education & visual arts color perception. Students learn about true scientific wizards like Archimedes, Newton & Einstein. It aligns with California Science Standards. (K-6)

The Incredible Magic Hat Show - Benny does an award winning 20 quick-change as historical characters appear - fascinating people with different professions and celebrities from around the world. He delights with mime, chapeaugraphy, comedy and magic accompanied by famous musical scores and sound effects. (K-12)

Cost for 2 performances - $630

School support cost - $315

Check their website at




Broceliande - a delightful trio that deliver an inviting musical blend of Celtic, Medieval and Renaissance music inspired by or traditionally performed during each of the 4 seasons. The music ranges from upbeat Irish dances to 4 part a capella madrigals to beautiful ballads. Music is played on Celtic harp, cello, guitar, flute, tin whistle, recorders, oboe, percussion and octave mandolin with beautiful vocal harmony. Select from:

Celtic & Early Music of Spring time - a collection of song & dances performed during or inspired by the Spring season.. The music comes from Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance sources and ranges in feel from upbeat Irish dances to lovely harp tunes to joyous vocal pieces.

Celtic & Early Music of the Fall Season - an upbeat collection of songs and dances performed during and inspired by the Fall season.

Music of Winter/Christmas - a festive collection of songs and dances of Christmas and Wintertime. The music ranges in antiquity from the 13th to the 20 th century and includes both favorite carols and lesser-known selections from England, France, Spain, Ireland and America.

Cost for 2 performances - $900

School Support Cost - $450

Check their website at


Caterpillar Puppets


Caterpillar Puppets - Puppeteer Joe Leon presents a variety of programs using puppets. A full list of shows is available on his website. Some include:

Aztec Pinocchio - It is the story of Maldo The Magician and how he brings his marionette boy to life using a butterfly for a heart. Lots of Spanish included

The Trolls Cookbook - the recipe calls for one billy-goat. How hard can that be?

The Itty-Bitty Variety Show - this has a lot of audience participation - a very funny show

Cost for 2 performances - $700*

School Support Cost - $350*

Check the website


Cotton Candy Express Music


Cotton Candy Express Music - You'll need a seatbelt to keep from bouncing to the Multi Award Winning Music of Lori & RJ. The eclectic style, the interaction, the positive messages for our planet, the professionalism - it's sure to be a musical memory maker at your next assembly, It's all about the singing, dancing, comedy, musical instruments, lots of interactionand giving young audiences an experience filled with the positive vibration of good sounds. Cotton Candy Express has years of being experts in children's music and will inspire your students.

Cost for 2 performances - $ 850 *

School Support Cost - $ 425 *

Check their website


Dan Chan Magic Man


Dan Chan Magic Man - presents a high-energy variety show. Weaving magic, comedy and acrobatics. Dan presents award winning visual magic. It includes live doves, magic to poetry and a fast paced juggling routine, escapes, dog tricks, rapid costume changes & climbing into a 6 ft. tall balloon.

Cost for 2 performances - solo $400

School Support Cost - $200

Cost for 2 performances - duo $600

School Support Cost - $300

Check his website at


Dan Sneider is Magic Dan


Dan Sneider - Magic Dan - Magic with a Message. His fast-pacedprograms are always educational – theyrevolve around particular themes with positive messages that enhance& reinforce education, reading, anti-bullying and self-esteem as well as combinea great blend of magic with a whole lot of fun.

Cost for 2 performances- elementary - $500

School Support Cost - $250

Cost for 2 performances - middle school - $600

School Support Cost - $300

Check his website at


Dangerous Dinos


Dangerous Dinos /Intermission Productions - Meet the Dangerous Dinos who have thrilled audiences since 1991. They will have you singing their theme song long after they are gone. Intermission Productions has been performing and entertaining since 1985. Join the Dangerous Dinos in their hugely popular and uplifting show with positive messages: Say No to Drugs & Tobacco and Take Care of Our Planet. Meet Rocko Gecko, Ty Rex & Bubba - 3 Aliens. Send the Drug Bug packing to help Andy & Jeff with their self esteem.

Cost for 2 performances - $1,800

School Support Cost - $ 900

Check their website at


David Rainwater


David Rainwater - The Gold County Fiddler & Minstrel - folk singer, fancy fiddler, comedic entertainer, folksy mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist all describe Dave Rainwater. He has entertained through the west and across the country with his bluegrass and Appalachian style fiddling. He's performed with the well know New Christy Minstrels, Michael Martin Murphy and black Irish Band. His shows are educational and feature unique insights and historical anecdotes honoring the rich tradition and heritage of America's own folk music legacy

Musical Treasures from the Gold Rush Era & America's Frontier Days - (Includes power point slide show) Dave takes everyone on an exciting musical journey back to the California gold rush era. Using a variety of folk instruments, he includes songs from the mining days, frontier favorites and adds important historical anecdotes bringing the history alive.

The Virginia Reel with fiddler Dave Rainwater and caller Elida Ickes - Provide a traditional American experience for your students! The Virginia Reel is a fun activity which can be taught in minutes. Champion fiddler Dave Rainwater will play authentic tunes to accompany the dance as caller Elida Ickes instructs. We provide a battery powered sound system if outside and wireless microphones so all participants can clearly hear the instructions of the caller and music of the fiddler.

Grade Levels : 3-12

Set up time needed: 1 hour prior to a 45-60 min. session

Facilities: Gym, multi-purpose room or outdoors

Number of Students: No Limit

Equipment: Sound system provided

Cost of 2 performances- $500

School Support Cost- $250

Artist has workshops available

Check his website


Drei Brass


Drei Brass - This talented brass trio consists of horn, trombone & tuba performed by Zach Spellman, Dan Kennelly & Alicia Telford. They demonstrate how the instruments work and how music can make you feel.

Cost for 2 performances - $550 *
School support cost - $225 *


earPlay Jazzquintet


earPlay Jazzquintet - A groundbreaking electro-acoustic ensemble that will take students on a thoroughly entertaining & unforgettable musical adventure. They will hear the intersection of jazz and the various world cultures of 5 continents, including North India, West-Africa and Brazil. The group provides engaging descriptions of over 30 unusual instruments along with the cultural origins of the music. They also show how modern electronic sounds can bring even more excitement to natural acoustic instruments.

Cost for 2 performances - $800*

School Support Cost - $400*

Check the website at:


Eric & Suzy Thompson


Eric & Suzy Thompson - "Oh Ye Yaie" - An assembly focusing on Cajun, Zydeco and country blues music and culture from Southwest Louisiana. Eric & Suzy use traditional music to illustrate the melting pot history of French-speaking Southwest Louisiana, with unusual instruments including the one-row diatonic Cajun accordion, vest rubboard and Cajun triangle as well as fiddle, guitar and kazoo. This is a highly participatory show. Students learn and sing choruses, write a song to a 100-year old Creole melody and much more.

Cost for 2 performances - $500

School Support Cost - $250

Check their website at


Gary Lapow

Life Skills, Laughter & Songs

Gary Lapow - Life Skills, Laughter & Songs - For over 20 years, singer/songwriter Gary Lapow has been inspiring young people through music. Gary's programs teach them to respect themselves and their communities, to reach out to others and celebrate the many joys of life. This year he offers 10 programs. Gary has recorded many albums of his own songs for children and has starred in film and TV.

Character Counts ! A lively and playful musical celebration to encourage children's development of integrity, honesty, responsibility, compassion and other positive character traits.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - A Celebration of Diversity . Through Gary's original fun-filled compositions children are encouraged to examine their attitudes towards others, embrace our cultural differences, and affirm everyone's wonderful uniqueness.

QUIT IT! Tease-proof and Bully-proof Kids! Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can really hurt you. Gary weaves his usual magic, combining fun and depth to encourage kids to stand tall in the face of taunting, teasing and shaming.

All Kinds of People: Respecting Others, Promoting Cooperation.

Using his musical magic, humor, and brand new original songs, Gary guides children to find practical ways of getting along with each other. A fun & inspiring program.

Conflict Resolution: a Musical Solution - simple techniques for preventing violence and teaching peace presented through hands-on fun packed interactive song.

Look In A Book: Celebrate Literacy is a rollicking audience participation program that will inspire your students in the great adventure of reading. Gary will have your children and teachers singing, acting and moving along in this musical celebration of the written word.

Be A Buddy to Your Body - The Nutrition Show. Happy songs to encourage healthy eating. Gary demonstrates that good nutrition, like many a good thing in life, starts with a song.

Light Up The Lights - a multicultural winter song festival. Celebrate Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday with traditional songs from around the world as well as some of Gary's original tunes. ONLY available in November and December.

Lively Tunes for Today's Children - a musical celebration of childhood with a potpourri of Gary's original songs. Lots of fun with hidden positive messages.

Cost for 2 performances - $500

School Support Cost - $250

Check his website at


Golden Gate Brass Quintet


Golden Gate Brass Quintet - A popular in-school ensemble made up of members of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and the Fremont Symphony. The group will introduce the brass family through story-telling with music, a brief explanation of basic brass technique, sound production with audience participation. They perform music from and updated "Carmen" they call "Jennifer", West Side Story and a western they call "Hornsmoke".

Cost for 2 performances - $850 *

School Support Cost - $425 *

Visit their website at


Golden Bough


Golden Bough specializing in traditional folk music from around the world. Golden Bough presents an educational, entertaining & fun look at the music of other lands. A lot of audience participation. Performing on a variety of unique instruments, children are able to see and hear music that they might otherwise miss.

Select from:

From Ireland to America - learn how Irish music influenced and was absorbed into the folk music of America. Margie, Paul & Kathy perform on authentic Irish instruments

International Folk Music - a musical journey around the world. Singing in different languages, Margie, Paul & Kathy expose the students to the diversity of ethnic music.

American Folk Music - performing standards - the group highlights the modes of transportation used by early settlers, and show how the songs reflect those times

A Winter Celebration - students join in on a variety of carols from Celtic lands and elsewhere. Songs cover Christmas, Hanukkah as well as themes for the Winter season.

Cost for 2 performances - $800

School Support Cost - $400

Check their website:


Gordy The Banjo-ologist


Gordy The Banjo-ologist - is a humorous musical historian and international touring artist. He is a recognized musicologist of early American musical forms and the diverse culture which created them. He serves as a resource specialist for several institutions, such as the California Educational System and the California Academy of Sciences, Croker, UCLA Hammer & J. Paul Getty museums and has performed on 4 PBS television program and as a featured performer in the PBHS series "Education Through Music." His "Banjo-ology" video is distributed world wide. All of his shows are fully interactive. Choose from:

Banjo-ology - A humorous history I - a fun-loving look at how America created the banjo from African, Irish, Italian, Spanish, German & Hawaiian instruments. Visit with our ancestors & their favorite songs from th1830 to 1930. Ohliger's moveable museum of rare antique banjos: from an African gourd-a-gut M'banza to a gold-and-pearl inlayed beauty illustrate the multi-cultural & joyous qualities of our nation's instrument. This is a very participatory show that proves anyone can play music without special equipment or lessons. Grades K-12

Little Town -Local history with a soundtrack! With only 3 streets in town, what was it like to live there & how did they party with no electricity? What were the bricklayers humming when they built that old building? Who are the people on the street signs? Grade 4-12

Cost for 2 performances - $875

School Support Cost - $438

Visit his website at


Harps Plus


Harps Plus - Dan Levitan, virtuoso harpist with various Bay Area Symphonies has 3 programs available. Students will experience a live performance that both educates & entertains with familiar & unfamiliar classical & non-classical music. The program includes instrument demonstrations, story telling, game playing and audience participation with the objective to expose the students to the elements of music while creating enjoyment, excitement & enthusiasm as well as an appreciation for music.

Cost harp only - 2 performances - $300 *

School support cost - $150 *

Cost harp & violin - 2 performances - $500 *

School support cost - $250 *

Trio Avant Guarde - Harp, French Horn & Flute

Cost for 2 performances - $700 *

School support cost - $350 *

Visit his website at


John Weaver Storyteller


John Weaver- Storyteller - A World of Stories - lively, interactive storytelling featuring global tales of animals, tricksters, friends & fun. Traditional storytelling gets a jolt of fresh energy as Weaver, a Bay Area performer, parent & early childhood professional shares his energetic versions of stories from around the world. Students will be laughing & learning with storytelling customized to suit each intended audience.

Cost for 2 performances - $400 *

School Support Cost - $200 *

Check his website at


Juan L. Sanchez


Juan L. Sanchez - Multilingual Singer Songwriter •Educator•Recording Artist - For more than a decade, Spanish born Sanchez has thrilled audiences of all ages with a unique performing style playing instruments such as the guitar, violin, Andean flute and African drum, telling stories and singing songs from around the world in their original languages. His long experience as an educator has helped him design programs that are participatory, educational, inspirational, multicultural with themes that focus on peace-building, tolerance, self esteem and fun.

Sample program Primary Grades (K-5)

Un Arco Iris de Danciones (A Rainbow of Songs) - a celebration of children's songs and stories from Native and African American traditions, Spain, Mexico and Japan among others.

Peace Through Music - songs and stories dealing with peace-building and social skills.

Viva Mexico! - from the Aztecs to the 5 de Mayo this is a musical journey that celebrates the beauty of the Mexican American Heritage.

Fiesta De Cuentos - (Multicultural Storyfest) – Let youstudents experience Juan’s great rendition of stories such as Ablyoyo,Rumpelstiltskin,La Llorona or hisoriginal stories.

Choose Your Health! - This assembly deals with the many choices students have to make to stayhealthy and features songs such as “The Junk Food Blues”, “9-a-Day” or “I’mRunning”. 

Sample programs for older children ( grades 6-12):

The Juan Sanchez Ensemble - this program presents Latin American New Folk from a songwriter's perspective.

20th Century Spanish Poets - the poetry of Lorca, Machado, Leon Felipe and other notable Spanish poets presented through song.

Cost for 2 performances - $575 *

School support cost - $290 *

Check his website at


Kalaikoil Dancers


Kalaikoil Dancers - An engaging and interactive assembly where students are introduced to the classical dance, music, culture, language and geography of South India. Available May - September.

Cost for 2 performances - $375 *

School Support Cost - $190 *

Workshops & classroom visits available - $75

Check their website at


The KRIYA Jazz Octet


The KRIYA Jazz Octet - A dynamic jazz octet which captivates audiences everywhere with their exciting compositions, creating vivid and ever changing musical landscapes. Students are guided through a wide range of styles including traditional jazz, modern classical, and world music elements from Latin American and West-Africa. The players are veteran teachers & clinicians and describe what it's like to play some very same instruments that students play, only in a professional jazz ensemble. The members of the group have performed or recorded with world-renowned artists both here and abroad. The stories they share about their music are truly memorable.

Cost for 2 performances - $800

School Support Cost - $400

Check their website at


Laura Benward and William Florian


Laura Benward & William Florian provide an experiential workshop involving children in the process from inspiration to discovery to creating their own music ….clapping, stomping, patting the chest, finger snapping, humming, hissing, singing and finding the harmonies. They bring dulcimer, accordion, fiddle, djembe, Celtic harp, auto harp, & didgeridoo for a world folk music experience. They also bring percussion instruments, drums & shakers. They touch on the world influences on music - bringing in the Appalachian sound, Cajun, American Indian & African American.

Both Laura & William have decades of professional musical experience. William was once the lead singer of the famous 60s band "The New Christy Minstrels".

Cost for 2 performances - $875

School support cost - $450

Check their website at


Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company


Lily Cai Chinese Dance Co . - Shanghai native Lily Cai brings the movements of China alive in a captivating, truly unique dance narrated presentation, sharing her enthusiasm for Chinese culture, history & people. Utilizing the traditional costumes of the Tang & Qing Dynasties, colorful folk ribbons & fans, big head mask, plus dangerous swords - students & teachers are invited to experience the elegance & mystery of one of the world's most intriguing cultures.The program utilizes student participation and covers regional & cultural differences.

Cost for 2 performances - $880

School Support Cost - $440

Check their website at


Magical Moonshine Theatre


Magical Moonshine Theatre - For 28 years California's Magical Moonshine Theatre has been delighting audiences around the world with their puppet, mask & musical performances. Rated "best assembly we ever had" by countless schools, MM Theatre brings the theatrical experience right to your gym or multipurpose room with their full curtains, lights and sound. Their repertoire boasts numerous titles drawing from folktales, literature, history and science such as: Coyote Brings Fire (Native American), The Fox & the Condor (Latin American), The Number 9 Shoes (African American), Does that Scare You? (S.E. Asian).

Cost for 2 performances - $895

School Support Cost - $448

Check their website at


Men of Worth


Men of Worth - Donnie Macdonald & James Keigler bring folk music from Ireland and Scotland in song and playing many instruments. Assemblies include touching on the historical and geographical aspect of the music & language. Students participate in song and learn about the ancient language of the Celts and it relationship to American bluegrass and country music. A display and performance on all of the instruments - they explain their function and a who, when and where they are made. They teach a Gaelic chorus so the students not only participate in song, but also another language. The program introduces songs that highlight the movement of people and their culture to America from Ireland and Scotland and there is time for a question and answer period from the students and teachers.

Note - this group is available based on their national and world-wide touring schedule. They are lots of fun.

Cost for 2 performances - $600

School Support Cost - $300

Visit their website at


The Mirabal Ensemble


The Mirabal Ensemble is a ground-breaking 9 person vocal group that features a remarkable range of repertoire and improvisational styles - from singing with the transparent, vibrato-less sound of a European early music group to extended vocal techniques like vocal percussion, instrumental imitation & overtone singing. Students are amazed when they hear voices that sound like a full band, including electric bass, drum set, and lead guitar. The ensemble also includes students in singing live improvised parts along with the group. Members are some of the Bay Area's most accomplished vocalists and teachers and collectively have worked with the likes of Bobby McFerrin, Rhianon, Yo-Yo Ma, Dave Brubeck, the San Francisco and New York City Opera companies and more. The Mirabal Ensemble also includes students in singing live improvised parts along with the ensemble

Cost for 2 performances - $800

School support cost - $400

Check their website


New American Songbook Project


The New American Songbook Project  The ensemble provides a fabulous opportunity to expose students to classic jazz and popular songs in their original form, and then performs daring updated versions. Each song is also is introduced with entertaining anecdotes that highlight cultural and musical trends of the time. Swing, Latin, blues and gospel elements mix together as voice, saxophone, keyboards, bass and drums displays virtuosic playing and vivid storytelling.                                                                                                 

Cost for 2 performances - $700
School support cost - $350

Check their website


Onye Onyemaechi


Onye Onyemaechi - Village Celebration - has more than 20 years experience educating youth. His invigorating rhythm music brings a powerful experience to audiences. Onye's programs for children have earned him a McDonald's Foundation Recognition Award and he has been featured on NBC and the Wisdom Channel. Choose from:

African Village Celebration - Onye is a world renowned master percussionist, educator and performing musician who engages students and teachers in a participatory experience of African Village life, while increasing the awareness of diversity combined with a shared universal bond. His repertoire involves students participating in African drumming, dancing, songs and stories. Onye's captivating music, native dress and instrument are presented in a historical/cultural context of his message. Grades K-8

Growing Up in the Village -using music & stories, questions & answers to communicate sound values that can inspire awaken, share and educate that the world can be a safer, healthier and better place to coexist cross-culturally - to share the wisdom of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation and peace-making. . Themes can include learning self-discipline, respecting elders, communing with nature, listening to your conscience and getting along with others. Grades 6-8.


Unite Against Bullying, Drugs and Tobacco - A series ofexciting motivational assemblies that bring focus to youth on issues thatthreaten their very lives as happy, productive citizens. Onye has inspiredstudents in hundreds of schools, libraries, camps and universities worldwide.His assemblies are interactive and motivational. 

Cost for 2 performances - $900

School Support Cost - $ 450

Check his website:



Pacific Sticks


Pacific Sticks offer a variety of programs using 2-4 musicians and about 2 dozen percussion instruments (set up time is 1-1/2 hrs). The students will thrill with the sounds of an African gourd, xylophones and Japanese temple blocks to tympani, tunable xylophones -drums, finger cymbals, the Brazilian cuica and more. All programs include a segment of direct audience involvement. Each of the programs are available for all levels K-12. Choose from:

Touring a World of Percussion - The language of rhythm is every where !

Their most frequently requested school program - it introduces students to the incredible variety of music and instruments for the contemporary percussion ensemble.

Percussion with Recycled & Found Materials is great fun and clearly the easiest way to get started with percussion. Students learn how to turn "junk" from their recycling bin to easy-to-make instruments and their own body into musical instruments.

Classical Transcriptions for Mallet Percussion - Historically, the earliest keyboard/mallet percussion ensemble repertoire came from compositions originally written for other instruments. Students will be exposed to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Mozart & more.

Cost for 2 performances - 4 musicians - $900

School Support Cost $450

Cost for 2 performance - 2 musicians - $550

School Support Cost - $275

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Patrick Ball



Patrick Ball - Celtic Harp & Story - Patrick is one of the premier Celtic harp players in the world today and an acclaimed storyteller in the Celtic tradition. As such, he is "a rare artist". For in playing the ancient, legendary brass-strung harp of Ireland its crystalline, bell-like voice, and in telling the marvelous old tales of wit and enchantment, he not only carries on two of the richest traditions of Celtic culture, but blends them in concert to create "a warm and magical performance"

Cost for 2 performances - $600

School Support Cost - $300

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Quack and Wabbit Puppet Theatre


Quack and Wabbit Puppet Theatre - Yumi & Tanya have been bringing their original shows to children for the past 15 years. They use beautiful handmade puppets to teach children positive messages using music, humor and the magic of puppetry. Shows to select::

Froggie & The Ribbits Speak Out - Froggie is enrolled in a school with human children. He is a great dancer and singer, but is "different". He has buggy eyes & teeth, red skin and is the only frog in the school. The children learn about accepting differences in others & ways to deal with bullying, anger management & conflict resolution.

Mr. Gump's Outing - a musical story about cooperation & friendship based on the book by John Burningham. Children have the opportunity to create the characters & perform.

Healthy Smiles - A fun musical designed to teach children proper dental care and the importance of nutrition using beautiful giant puppets.

B.A.R.K. Program - Be Aware Responsible and Kind - is an interactive humorous production showing children how to be safe around dogs and teaches proper pet care.

Stone Soup - An inspirational & musical show based on the book by Marcia Brown. This is a sweet story which teaches children about the importance of caring and sharing and the magical gift of giving.

Cost for 2 performances - $300 *

School Support Cost - $150 *


Red Panda Acrobats


Red Panda Acrobats - A high energy cultural Chinese Acrobaticshow exposing students to Chinese music, costumes & arts. Students will learn about focus, practice & discipline.

Cost for 2 performances- K-6 - $925
School cost - $475
Cost for 2 performances Jr. High - $1225
School support cost - $615

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Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo


Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec - Asian folktales & myths come alive on stage when master storyteller Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec takes his audiences on an Asian journey of the imagination with Asia Fantasia.

Cost for 2 performances - $595 *

School support cost - $300 *

Workshop available – Asian story telling & music: $150

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Satellite Sports Group


Satellite Sports Group - Perfection on Wheels - This BMX Bike show is exciting, effective and proven to wow and educate your students. Celebrating over 20 years - Perfection on Wheels has captivated and educated students of all ages on the importance of living a safe, active and drug-free lifestyle with their cool bikes, hip music and extreme sports action. Their high-energy bicycle freestyle program delivers a variety of powerful and positive messages including bicycle safety, drug/alcohol/tobacco awareness, bullying and/or character building. This show can be done inside or outside, on the flat or with ramps.

Cost for 1 ramp performances - $1197

School support cost - $599

Cost for 2 ramp performances - $1397

School support cost - $699

You need to check their website to get the full effect


Shabang Steel Drum Band


Shabang Steel Drum Band - Caribbean Duo - This duo will present the history and origin of the steel drum and the craftsmanship in its creation as well as perform the wonderful music produced on this special instrument

Cost for 2 performances - $500 *

School support cost - $250 *

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Tamaka - Linking Rings


Tamaka - Linking Rings - Magician - Storyteller - Winner of the prestigious Jefferson Award 2012 and 2013 Asian Pacific Heritage Award, Tamaka shares Native American stories & culture of the Choctaw through the art form of magic & storytelling

Cost for 2 performances - $500

School support cost - $250

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Wheels of Freestyle


Wheels of Freestyle are extreme sports athletes. The Wheels of Freestyle assembly delivers 40 action-packed minutes of amazing bicycle stunts and powerful messages. The athletes share anti-drug, anti-violence, bike safety & motivational messages to youth of all ages.

Ramp cost for 1 performance - $ 999

School support cost - $ 500

Ramp cost for 2 performances - $1399

School support cost - $ 700

Contact LOV for flatland costs

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Wild Cat Education & Conservation Fund


Wild Cat Education & Conservation Fund - brings four selected wild cats right to your school. Each cat is presented on a leash, as it's habits, habitat and survival are explained in a dynamic presentation. While not a circus act, natural behaviors like climbing and leaping are demonstrated. The WCE&CF have the largest collection of wild cats available in Northern California. They include cheetah, rare king cheetah, cougar (mountain lion), serval, Geoffroy's cat, Canada Lynx and Siberian Lynx.

Cost for 2 performances - $700

School Support Cost - $350

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William Florian

Singer - Guitar - Songwriter

William Florian - Singer-Guitar-Songwriter - William was once the lead singer of the New Christy Minstrels. He engages children of all ages with music, stories and humor on the history of American folk music and how to be a folk singer. Students will consider what life was like before records & CDs and he explains how songs were heard, learned and passed on throughout American's early years. From songs such as "I've Been Working on the Railroad" to "This Land is Your Land" to "Blowing in the Wind" to his original contemporary folk songs - William will keep children and adults engaged and wanting more.

Cost for 2 performances - $700

School Support Cost - $360

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Wildlife Associates


Wildlife Associates - Now in their 31st year - this group brings live animals as teachers to allow students to explore the non-human world.

Select from:

NEW - Animals of the Americas - Habitats throughout North, Central and South America support some of the worlds most amazing animals. Discover how these animals have unique adaptations perfectly suited to their environments. Learn how they are surviving in this changing world.

Spirit of the Rain Forest - with the Sloth/Anteater/Scarlet Macaw/Rainforest Porcupine. Students will see unusual and awe-inspiring animals, hear the mysterious sounds of the living forest and, on a projection screen, view close-ups of rainforest habitats and the diverse native peoples who inhabit them. A powerful multicultural learning experience.

Creepy Critters - with the Boa/Alligator/Tortoise/Monitor Lizard/Tarantula. Crawling with excitement and the adventure of learning, this program explores the gentler side of the most misunderstood squiggly and squirmy animals of the wild kingdom.

California Wild - with the Red Fox/Great Horned Owl/Porcupine/Opossum/Red-tailed Hawk. These intriguing animals will spark students' curiosity and increase their knowledge of California's wonderful natural history.

Predators and their Prey with the African Porcupine/Arctic Fox/Golden Eagle/ African Serval Cat./Armadillo These incredible animals from around the world offer a fascinating way for students to discover the nature of science. Wild behaviors, intelligence, animal communication and our human impact on natural systems are revealed.

Cost for 2 performances $870

School Support Cost $435

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 TheatreWorks - this Bay Area renowned theatre company has two programs available for schools:

Oskar and the Big Bully Battle involves a minor school yard mishap which spirals out of control. Three students become embroiled in a tale about bullies, victims, bystanders, and UPstanders. Kids learn to recognize and deal with bullying situations.
          Oskar and the Last Straw – Oskar’s backpack is too full. He’s freaking out. How to cope? Ignore it, get mad, or grumble? In this mad-cap escapade -  Oskar learns coping strategies every 21st century kid should have to succeed.  Kids are taught about coping with stressors in today’s busy, over-booked world.

Cost 2 performances    $1,000
School support cost      $   500
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Sourdough Slim


NEW - Sourdough Slim - Wild West Fun - Cowboy Singer - YodelerAccordionist

Your students will have educational, fun and entertaining presentations of traditional cowboy and American folk music with lots of audience participation.

The Story of Cowboy Music - traces the evolution of cowboy music from the trail drives of the late 19t century to its heyday in the 1930's, with the popularity of the Hollywood cowboys, to its decline and modern day renaissance.

Songs of the Cowboys. Pioneers and Railroad Men. An educational, fun, entertaining presentation through story and song of our western folk heritage.

Children are encouraged to participate by asking questions and singing along to familiar folk songs. Includes yodeling, demonstration and rope tricks.

Cost for 2 performances $450
School support $225


Culture Loops


Culture Loops - Take a fascinating tour of West-Africa, the Middle East and Latin America without leaving the school. “Culture Loops” plays the music from those 3 regions on authentic instruments that students and staff find toe-tappingly informative.

Students will be guided by award-winning composer/recording artist/teacher Michael Smolens who single-handedly creates a whole ensemble, playing and looping a half-dozen parts that magically interweave. This is a powerful and inspiring role modeling for students to see a multi-instrumentalist play so many different instruments from different cultures using modern looping technology.

Instruments used are: Senegalese balafon (marimba) and djun-djuns (conga-like drums), Turkish dumbek (goblet-shaped hand drum), melodica (small reed keyboard, voice and Brazilian tamborim (small tambourine) , shaker, alto flute and vocal bass.

Cost for 2 performances $550

School Support Cost: $275


Mad Science of the Bay Area


Mad Science of the Bay Area Explore the world of mad science with 5 speial shows available for grades K-6

Fire & Ice is a spectacular demonstration of “magical” chemical potions, the wonders of dry ice, and the dynamics of air pressure. Some of the topics the students will enjoy are “The Three States of Matter”, “A Gassy Taste Test” and “A Super Exiting Bubbling Potion” (requires hot water)

Movie Special Effects is a real attention grabber!. Students will roar when they find out what a dinosaur sneeze and polymers have in common. They will be amazed with gravity defying feats and air pressure experiment and they will learn the difference between science and magic. (requires electricity)

Up, Up & Away introduces the principles of air pressure with a variety of super experiments. Children will see the creation of a hot air balloon, watch the Mad Scientist create giant smoke rings with a vortex generator, and see a hovercraft in action. This is geared for grades 3-6. Requires electricity & lots of room.

Be Tobacco Free highlights the health risks of tobacco use. Children will see the simulated effects of tar and nicotine on the heart and circulatory system. They will see the creation of a slimy smoker’s lung, and the impact of second hand smoke using a special smoking chamber.

What Do You Know About H2O? is a high energy, interactive show that highlights one of the most valuable resources we need – water! Students will make a splash as they dive in and learn about the amazing elements of the water cycle. With a flood of demonstrations and visual experiments, they will investigate the importance of water conservation and the hidden uses of water. Best of all, they will have gallons of fun learning the simple steps they can take to reduce their water footprint.

Cost for 2 performances $400

School Support $200

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San Jose Taiko


San Jose Taiko - This talented group's outreach program seeks to celebrate America's cultural diversity by sharing the art of taiko through performance and educational programs.

The Elementary School Program features three performers, explanations of the history and philosophy of the art form as well as student participation on the drums!

The Middle/High School Program is geared toward older audiences with an emphasis on exciting high energy performances and more in depth historical and philosophical explanations.

Elementary School: Cost for 1 performance $750

School Support Cost $350

Cost for 2 performances $950

School Support Cost $475

Middle/High School: Cost for 1 performance $900

School Support Cost $450

Cost for 2 performance $1150

School Support Cost $575

Check their website:




TheatreWorks this Bay Area renowned theatre company has two programs available for schools:

Oskar and the Big Bully Battle involves a minor school yard mishap which spirals out of control. Three students become embroiled in a tale about bullies, victims, bystanders, and UPstanders. Kids learn to recognize and deal with bullying situations.

Oskar and the Last Straw - Oskar's backpack is too full. He's freaking out. How to cope? Ignore it, get mad, or grumble? In this mad-cap escapade - Oskar learns coping strategies every 21st century kid should have to succeed. Kids are taught about coping with stressors in today's busy, over-booked world.

Cost 2 performances $1000 *

School support cost $500 *

Check their website


Roy The Magician


Roy The Magician – provides plenty of entertaining magic, mystery and comedywith an emphasis on audience participation. Roy has been performing school assemblies since 1972 throughout the U.S. His fast paced entertaining showis sure to please not only the students, but the teachers and staff as well.The following shows available:

Roy’s Comedy Magic Show – ahappy fun comedy magic for kids of all ages

Magic and Monsters – anentertaining & fun (not scary) Halloween show

Holiday and End of Year Shows – Santa,Rudolph, Elves

Seeing is Deceiving – anentertaining & educational show about perception & illusion

Cost for 2 performances - $ 650

School support cost -$ 325

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