2016 Elegant Affaire

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2015 LOV Adopt-A-Family

LOV is planning its best Holiday Season ever! 

This year, we've streamlined our Holiday Season programs to better serve the Tri-Cities!

Our 2015 Adopt-a-Family is Full – Please contact us directly at 510-793-5683 for further information.

Sponsor our Programs or Adopt a Family for the Holidays - Sign Up Here!


Read the latest edition of LOV Notes!

Find out about what is happening at Newark LOV and how we can all make a difference in our community!

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2015 Volunteer Night Awards

LOV send thanks to all the volunteers who make our work possible!!!

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Food Pantries in the Fremont Area

Here is a comprehensive of Food Pantries in the Fremont/Tri Citys area.


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LOV Annual Report

Our Annual Report to the Community


Click here to Download the file - 2013-2014-Annual-Report.pdf


LOV's Mission

Here is a brief presentation that will bring you up to speed on what LOV is doing for Newark and the Tri Citys area...

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The Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month  at 5:30 pm at LOV' 's main headquarters - 8440 Central Ave. Suite A/B, Newark. Meetings usually last no more than 1 hr and are open to anyone interested In promoting the arts In the Tri-City community. You do not have to live In Newark to be a member. However you must become a supporting member of the Arts Council with an annual donation based on the schedule recommended by the Arts Council to the LOV Board of Directors for the annual support the arts campaign.  

Some of the work of the Council is:
         1.  Suggesting and auditioning (via CD/video) the performing artists for our Sunday Afternoon Concert Series. In addition - working the concerts taking in admission donations and acting as greeters at the door plus assisting in serving intermission refreshments.
         2.  Suggesting, promoting & monitoring the” Arts In Schools” programs that bring multi-cultural artists into Tri-City schools. This is includes helping to deliver artist's checks to the schools on assembly day.
         3.  Working the City’s Music at the Grove Summer concerts by handing out programs and collecting the donation envelopes.
         4.  Judging the Dan & Marie Archer fine arts & photography as well as the Frederic Jueneman Music scholarship applications and recommending the winners to the LOV Board of Directors.
         5.  Help raise funds for the arts by supporting and working the Holiday Flea Market, supporting “An Elegant Affaire” and promoting supporting memberships.
         6.  Promote and encourage attendance at concerts and other events.
         7. Judge the Newark Days coloring contest.
         8. Promote Stage I Theatre’s productions and attend & supply food for the twice annual dinner/theatre parties.

As you can see, the Arts Council is very active. If you are interested - contact Shirley Sisk, Executive Director at 510-793-5683 or lov@lov.org.

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LOV wants your E-Waste!

We need your old faulty electronics!!!
We accept:
Fax Machines
Electronic Game Systems
Computer Hard Drives
Computer Monitors &
Copy Machines
League of Volunteers is working with KYO Computers, a leading recycler of non-working monitors
League of Volunteers
We Are Located At:
8440 Central Ave., Suite A/B Newark, CA 94560
Phone: (510) 793-5683 Web: www.lov.org

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The League of Volunteers – LOV’s Community Service Center is open for business
in it’s new facilities at  8440 Central Ave,  Suite A & B in Newark. LOV has not be canceled any of its many programs that serve youth, seniors and those in need in the Tri-Cities. The main offices and warehouse are located in a beautiful industrial complex on Central Ave near Willow Street and will be open 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday. The phone number is still the same 510-793-5683. There is also an auxiliary office at Swiss Park, 5911 Mowry Ave in Newark where LOV’s new Program/Development Director, Sharon Slayton, will be working from
2 pm – 5 pm Tuesday through Friday.  Sharon can be contacted at Swiss park by calling
LOV Bingo’s new home is also at Swiss Park. Bingo is every Monday night and some Saturdays (TBA). Doors open at 4 pm and regular games at 6:30 pm. There is a full kitchen, smoking area, well lit parking, padded chairs and great fun for all. For information on LOV Bingo call 510-793-5683 or 510-896-4447.

LOV’s Board, Staff and dedicated volunteers are extremely happy that facilities were found to continue their service to the community and grateful to the many people who have lent their support with their financial donations, supporting words and giving of their time to help.


LOV Responds...

In the press and on-line recently there were a number of misrepresentations, misinformation, and straight out lies about the League of Volunteers (LOV). 

We would like to set the record straight  Please read the FACTS below and visit our website for additional information about the charity works that LOV provides to the Tri-City.

LOV Responds in detail to representations that have been made in the attached PDF document. 

Click here to Download the file - 2013-LOV-responds.pdf


Monday Night Bingo at Swiss Park!

Monday Night Bingo

Fun and a good cause!

Check out our new location at the Swiss Park on Mowry!


Schedule and Information - 2015-LOV-Bingo-Flyer.pdf


About LOV

Here you will find out about all the latest happenings at LOV, including volunteer opportunities and upcoming special events as well as LOV's ongoing community service programs. So again - Welcome - and take some time to look around!

LOV's Mission
"LOV's mission is to promote volunteerism and enhance the quality of life in the Tri-Cities area of Fremont, Newark and Union City, California and to meet the needs of youth, senior citizens and the needy."

Agency Profile
LOV is a multi-service nonprofit agency founded in 1979 to fill a gap left by cutbacks in school funding. Currently LOV operates approximately 40 varied community service programs both at our community service center and throughout the Tri-Cities area.


Artists Roster Application Form

This is the application form for the LOV Arts in the Schools program. To be considered for our artist's roster please fill out and return the form to LOV Newark.

Click here to Download the file - artistinfoform.pdf


Support LOV While you Shop


LOV can earn 4% and more if you shop at www.schoolcash.com Example: Shop at JC Penney online and we get 3.5% - Lands End 3% - Blair 6% Old Navy 3% - Disney Store 5% - KB Toys 3% - Wal Mart 2.5% - Kmart 3%. There are hundreds of stores to choose from! It’s easy just go to www.schoolcash.com and click on the sign-in tab and then click on register forget to choose the League of Volunteers as the group you want to support Every time you shop they will send us a rebate check! What a great way to support your favorite charity!

Another way you can shop is with www.Igive.com where over 600 stores are available to you – and again we get a percentage of your purchases.

Thank you for your support


2011 Volunteer Night

On May 1st LOV’s Board and Staff gave thanks to volunteers who attended the annual dinner and awards night at the Newark Community Center.

Read more about the most important people in this organization our volunteers!

2011 Volunteer Awards

2010 Volunteer Night Article


Volunteer Opportunities for 2016

Volunteer Opportunities 2016



Type of Work


  • Mailing Services
  • Folding, Stuffing, Sealing, Labeling, Data Entry


  • Computer Data Entry
  • Mailing Lists, Volunteer Hours Keeping, Update Database


  • Office Assistant
  • Phones, Greeting Clients , Information & Referral, Assist Staff


  • Bingo - Mondays
  • Selling pull tabs


  • 6- Arts Council – 5:30 pm
  • Planning Meeting


  • 10 - Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshments, clean up


  • 21 Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshments, clean up


  • 3- Arts
  • Council – 5:30 pm
  • Planning Meeting


  • 12 - Elegant Affaire Benefit Dinner
  • Setup,
  • Drawing Sales


  • 2- Arts Council 5:30 pm
  • Planning Meeting


  • 13 - Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshments, clean up


  • 1 Arts Council
  • Planning Meeting 5:30 pm


  • 19 Family Day in the Park
  • 9 am – 12 noon – information table – flyer & kids prizes



  • 12 - Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshment, Clean up


  • 23 Benefit Duck Race - 8 am – 3 pm
  • Set up and Take down, work carnival, pack up ducks, put out float for ducks and much more


  • 15 Concert
  • Hall set up, serving refreshments & clean up


  • Music at the Grove - Date TBD
  • 5:30 pm
  • Greet & hand out flyers
  • Collect Donation envelopes


  • 17- Golf Tournament
  • Various phases – Join planning in February


  • 28 – July 4 - LOV Fireworks Booth
  • Setup, stocking, selling


  • 1-4 Fireworks Booth Continues
  • Setup, stocking, selling


  • 11 - 29 - Kid's Summer Parks Recreation
  • Park recreation volunteer assistants


  • 1-18 Summer Parks Recreation Program Continues
  • Park recreation volunteer assistants


  • 7- Arts Council 5:30 pm
  • Planning


  • 15 - 18 - Newark Days
  • Many phases of community faire and help in LOV hot/dog – Nacho Booth


  • 5– Arts Council
  • Planning Meeting


  • 16– Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshment, Clean up


  • 30 Halloween Quarter Auction
  • Join the committee, help set up and take down, recruit sponsors/donors


  • 2 Arts Council 5:30 pm
  • Planning Meeting


  • 1 -21 Thanksgiving Preparation
  • Phones, receiving and checking out food


  • 1- Dec. 16 – Holiday Toy Drive
  • Drivers, put out collection boxes, pick up toys, sort & count toys


  • 6 - Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshment Clean up


  • 1 – 30- Adopt-A-Family
  • Help match donors with needy families


  • 24 Thanksgiving Day Feast
  • Set up, Food Pre Prep, Decorate, Serve, Children's Crafts, Entertainment, Deliver to Homebound. NOTE – New Committee Members Welcome – contact us in early October


  • 1 -22 – Toy Drive Continues
  • Drivers, put out collection boxes, pick up toys, sort & count toys
  • 1- 22 - Adopt-A-Family Continues
  • Help match donors with needy families
  • 7- Arts Council 5:30 pm
  • Planning Meeting
  • 11 Holiday Toy Drive Benefit Concert
  • Hall setup, Serving refreshments, Clean Up

or click here to request more information about volunteering



What is Community Service?

Community Service is not just helping someone in need or even helping to keep the environment from erosion. It is a learning process, learning about yourself as well as others. Learning, listening, focusing on a problem, and resolving it, all four of these elements help to make up community service, but it does not stop there. No one is too young or too old to help, to learn, and to rebuild a mountainside, to pull weeds or even to extend a hand in friendship. A simple gesture like a handshake can turn enemies into friends.

Community Service is about exploring your talents and sharing them with others.

Community Service means sharing a kind smile as well as having a spiritual connection with others and everything around you. Beware it is the cornerstone to Mother Nature's house and your soul.

Community Service means waking up in the morning and being grateful you are alive. It is also, like inviting someone over for morning coffee then going outside to watch a humming bird hover near a flower while a spider web glistens in the sun light near by.

Community Service is about laughter and the knowledge that we need each other. It is not about slave labor like some would lead us to believe. It is about sharing our talents, our health, and our wealth with others and our environment - making planet Earth a better place to live.

Community Service is a natural high, which can be gotten when we help someone in need, or when we offer a smile to someone.

Community Service is about saying please, thank you and may I. It is also about walking around a worm on a rainy day so as not to step on it.

Community Service is about allowing and providing a safe environment for our children to play, to learn and to grow in - as well as to allow them to become adults that are not afraid to be an example of a Good Samaritan. So, they will be willing to extend a hand in friendship to a stranger or a drowning fly that has accidentally fallen into a glass of ice tea on a hot summer afternoon.

Community Service is much more than what has been written here and else where by others and basically it is about respect and caring. Caring enough to help is the bottom line.